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Displaying a website


Another feature that makes Quelea rather unique is the ability to project a website. Just select “Add website” in either the add menu (plus sign) or in the Schedule menu.

Then you need to add the URL to the website you want to display.

When you click OK, the website will be added to your schedule and start loading in the background. If you preview the item, you should see the web page loaded along with a few extra buttons.

You could then navigate to any subpage you might want to show or enter a new URL in the text box. When you are ready to show it live, click “Go live”.

Click directly on the preview image to pass a click onto the website and use the buttons to go back/forward, refresh, go to a new URL or zoom in/out.


This section is further information about the feature, explaining why it might not always work the way you expect it to.

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