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Moving or copying your settings

If you are installing Quelea on a second machine, or are swapping to a new one, it is possible to copy (or move) your existing settings and databases. This will save set up time. All Quelea’s settings are stored in the .quelea folder in your user’s home area or login profile. On Linux / Mac the .quelea folder will be hidden in your home area. For Windows it’s located under C:\Users\<username>, for example C:\Users\fred\.quelea.

Ensure Quelea is closed on both the source and destination computer, then simply copy your .quelea folder to removable storage (e.g. a USB stick) or to network / cloud storage. Paste a copy of .quelea in the relevant place on the destination machine. When you start Quelea on the new computer it will have the same settings as on the old one.

Note: This will not keep the two copies in sync. Any changes you make on one will have to be replicated on the other.

Can multiple users on the same computer use the same settings?

Yes, you can use something called a symlink (symbolic link) to achieve this. Copy your settings to a shared location, that all the users can read and write to. Then create a symlink from the user’s normal .quelea folder to point at the shared copy. Consult your Operating System documentation for instructions on making a symlink.

Note: Only one user of the computer will be able to use Quelea at a time.

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