Quelea - missing labels

This page lists the labels missing from the Quelea translations. It is based on the nightly builds, and should change automatically whenever new labels are committed.

If there are missing labels in a language that you know, we'd love it if you could contribute!

There's two ways you can do this - the preferable way (if you're familiar with Github) is to update the relevant file yourself and then submit a pull request with the changes. Feel free to email if you want any help or guidance with doing this.

Alternatively, if you prefer the old fashioned way:

  1. Copy all of the untranslated labels for your language into an email
  2. On each line, change the text on the right hand side of the equals sign to the correct translated version for your language. The bit on the left hand side of the equals sign must stay the same!
  3. Please also include the language and file name, eg. "CeŇ°tina (CZ) - cs.lang", somewhere in the email too.
  4. Send the email to michael@quelea.org

If you'd like to contribute a new translation, then you'll need to translate all the labels! You can download the latest version of the new file here.