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Bible tab

The Bible tab lets you select a default Bible, add a Bible, select whether or not verse numbers should be displayed in bible passages and adjust the layout of a Bible passage.

Default Bible

To set a default bible, simply click the drop-down menu and select one of the installed bibles. This will later be the default option when you add a new Bible passage (you might need to restart Quelea for the changes to take effect).

Add a Bible

If you want to add a Bible, click the “Add bible…” button.

This allows you to browse to a downloaded Bible of type XML or XMM. If you wish to download a Bible, you find XMM bibles in various languages here:

And XML bibles in several languages here:

Of course; after you have added a Bible, it can also be used as the default Bible.

Remove a Bible

Select the Bible you want to delete in the dropdown menu and then click the button “Delete current bible”. You can also manually delete it by removing the file from the .quelea folder in you user directory.

Layout of Bible passages

Show verse numbers

Your first option is whether or not you want the verse numbers to be visible or not. By default this is activated and small numbers will be visible in the beginning of each verse, both in the regular output and the Mobile Lyrics.

Keep verses whole across slides

This option will allow you to determine whether the text should be divided into slides after a certain amount of words (to maintain as high font size as possible) or at the end of a verse after a certain amount of words (to ensure that you will not have to change slide in the middle of a verse).

Max number of verses per slide

The last option overrides the above and allows you to determine how many verses you would like to display per slide. A higher number usually means smaller font size, since more text needs to be fitted into the screen.

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