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Saving and sharing schedules

Quelea can save a schedule for later use, help you print one or email one to a friend. To save a schedule that you have created, click “File” and “Save Schedule” or “Save Schedule as…” If you have opened an existing file, the latter will always let you save changes to a new schedule whereas the former will save the changes to the same file as when it was created. The first time you click any of them however, they will both let you create a file that contains your schedule. Quelea saves all information to the file, so even if your database would be deleted or you would send it to another user, everything will still be accessible. If you do not want to embed media resources (to reduce the file size), see make sure it is deactivated.

Printing a schedule allows you to print the order of service, not the lyrics of a song or the text of a Bible passage. The same goes for exporting a schedule to a PDF.

If you would like to export all songs (with lyrics) to PDF files, you click “Schedule” and “Export songs to PDF”. The songs will then be exported as a compressed Zip file that you first will have to decompress if you want to reach the PDF files.

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