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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that is not answered below, search for your question here: https://quelea.discourse.group/. If you cannot find any information about your question there already, feel free to ask a new question.

Can I translate Quelea to […]?

Yes, that would be terrific! Head to https://quelea.org/lang/ and follow the instructions there.

What is a CI / nightly release?

A nightly release or a CI (continuous integration) release is a version that is not yet tested at all, but automatically built from the latest code in the repository – in other words: the latest bleeding edge release, so potentially buggy. This might contain experimental features and could potentially be less stable, but we try our best to keep them as stable as possible. However, you are not advised to use a CI release in a live setting where no issues can be tolerated. If you would like to try the latest CI release, download it here: https://github.com/quelea-projection/Quelea/releases/tag/CI-RELEASE

When will the next stable release be available?

This highly depends on development activity and any critical bugs that come to light. We usually release a couple of versions a year, but that number will vary depending on how much there is to release! If you really need a better estimate, ask on the discussion group.

Will you add (x) feature?

Maybe! Feel free to create an issue, and we’ll evaluate whether it’s something that we can reasonably add.

How do I report a bug/error?

To help us better troubleshoot and fix the error we’ll need the debug log, so please follow the instructions on that page.

Next, go to the discussion group and see if anyone else has already reported the same thing. Lastly, if you cannot find a thread containing your question, start a new question, describe the problem and attach the debug log.

Alternatively, create an issue directly and we’ll take a look (you’re much less likely to get potential feedback and help from other users though if you post it as an issue, so we’d advise doing that only if you’re sure it’s a bug.)

If I donate money, will Quelea be developed faster?

I am afraid that the development of Quelea is determined by time rather than by money. Quelea is developed by a few people in their spare time and that amount of time unfortunately cannot be changed by donations.

Where can I find free resources for Quelea?

If you visit http://quelea.org/resources/ you will find a few links to some free resources.

I’m moving computers, can I copy my settings over?

Yes - see Moving or copying your settings.

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