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If you cannot find the answer to the problem you are looking for here, search for your issue in the discussion group:!forum/quelea-discuss. If you cannot find any information about your issues there already, feel free to ask a new question.

The video background flickers as it repeats

Some users have reported the following to help with this:

  1. Open VLC
  2. Open preference
  3. Find “Video”.
  4. Uncheck the box “Accelerated video output (Overlay)

In newer versions, that option doesn’t exist, so you’ll need to do this:

  1. Open VLC
  2. Open preference
  3. Select “All” under “Show settings” (bottom left)
  4. Select “Video” -> Output modules
  5. Under Video output module, select DirectDraw.
  6. Select “Video” -> Output modules -> DirectDraw
  7. Uncheck “Overlay video output”.

My animations/transitions in a presentation do not appear

Try to use the native PowerPoint or OpenOffice support instead. The built-in presentation feature converts your presentation to a set of images and will therefore not preserve any transitions or any other effects you might have added. There is no flawless solution yet due to technical difficulties, so use the solution you feel best suits your needs or use a separate software for you presentation needs.

The font size is too small

The font size is automatically calculated based on how much text there is per section. Try to split the text into more sections by adding a blank line/set a maximum amount of verses per slide for a Bible passage, change the maximum font size to a higher value, lower the maximum amount of characters per line or uncheck the uniform font size and see if anything helps you.

VLC is not found even though it is installed

It is probably because your VLC version is incompatible with Quelea. You cannot use a 64-bit version of VLC with Quelea if you use the 32-bit installer of Quelea and vice versa. To check if this is the case for Windows users, an easy way is to look in your Program Files folder. If this is the issue you will most likely also find a folder called Program Files (x86) that contains your 32-bit installations. If you look in the two Program Files folder, Quelea should in that case be installed in one of them and VLC in the other. If that is the case, download and install the corresponding versions of the software.

I cannot select Output 2 although the projector is connected

First of all, check that you see anything from the computer on the projector. With Quelea you have to use what usually is called Extended Desktop, which means that the desktop becomes wider, stretching from your computer and onto your projector, allowing you to drag a window past the edge of one screen an onto the next. If you see the same things on both screens, the screen is cloned and not extended. In that case, that is probably the problem and you need to change the graphics settings of your computer for that (often there is a keyboard shortcut for this, accessible with help of the fn button, or windows key + p). If you do not see anything on your projector, it is probably that the computer is set to only use the local screen and you change that setting the same way as above. 

I cannot play YouTube videos

Due to video encryption that seems to be added to more and more YouTube videos today, YouTube support has been removed by default in Quelea 2017.0. A possible work-around would be to use one of the many services that offers you to download YouTube videos and then add it to the schedule as a regular video. If you really need this feature, contact the developers in the discussion forum on how to re-enable it.

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