User documentation

Shortcuts and other things that are good to know

This chapter will cover parts that are not covered by the previous chapters.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Space Moves the selected item to live
Return Adds an item from database to schedule
Delete Removes an item from schedule
Shift + Left click Quickly edit text in a slide
Ctrl + Left click Preview an item in database without adding it to schedule
F5 Fade into/out of logo
F6 Fade into/out of black
F7 Hide/display lyrics and show background or enter spell check inside of song editor
F8 Hide the projection window(s)
Ctrl + N New schedule
Ctrl + O Open schedule
Ctrl + S Save schedule
Ctrl + P Print schedule
Ctrl + M Manage notices
Ctrl + Shift + N New song
Ctrl + T Open options
Arrow keys Move between sections, slides and items
Page Up/Down Move between slides (does not work if the database panel is selected)
+ Add the next verse to a Bible passage that is live
1-9 Jump to a slide number or a verse number (if you have added section titles)
C, B, P, T Jump to a section title (chorus, bridge, pre-chorus, tag) if you have added it to the song
Ctrl/Shift A pencil will appear if you can edit a slide and a small dialog will appear if you click, allowing you to change only that slide
Ctrl + Shift + L Open Live Text
Ctrl + Alt + P Open Planning Center Online import

Good to know

https://quelea.discourse.group/ If you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug, go to https://github.com/quelea-projection/Quelea/issues

Specific Hacks

Using translation to multi-format a slide (Minister/Response hack)

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