User documentation

Short introduction to Quelea

Quelea is a competent cross platform church software developed to bring the best features from similar software, spiced with unique features, to every church for free. The founders have developed this software entirely on their spare time and the software is completely open source, which means that anybody that knows how to program in Java could adjust the software for themselves or help developing Quelea for everybody.

In the first chapter we will first get acquainted with the software and then walk through the basic features. You will notice that Quelea is very intuitive and that there are instructions embedded to the software to make it easy for anyone to use it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the official Quelea discussion forum: https://quelea.discourse.group/

  1. Layout
    1. Schedule and Database
    2. Preview
    3. Live
  2. Setting up a projector
    1. Selecting output
    2. Using Test Patterns to adjust projector settings
  3. Adding songs to your database
    1. Creating a new song
    2. Importing songs from an other software
  4. Adding items to Order of Service
    1. Adding a song
    2. Adding a Bible passage
    3. Adding an image
    4. Adding a video
    5. Adding a presentation
    6. Organizing a schedule
    7. Themes
  5. Showing something live
  6. Ready to go

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