User documentation

Setting up Quelea for your needs

In this chapter we will walk through the settings in Quelea, to see what they mean and how you can use them. You access the settings through Tools and Options (or Ctrl/⌘ + T).

  1. General tab
    1. Interface Options
      1. General Interface Options
        1. Interface language
        2. Application theme
        3. Database song preview
        4. Show Video Library Tab (requires restart)
        5. Show extra live panel toolbar options
        6. Thumbnail size
      2. Small Song Text Options
        1. Show small song information
      3. Small Bible Text Options
        1. Show small bible passage information
    2. User Options
      1. General User Options
        1. Check for update on startup
        2. Warn if only one monitor is connected
        3. Attempt to auto-translate songs
      2. Theme Options
        1. Allow custom item theme to overwrite global theme
        2. Preview item on image change
      3. Schedule Options
        1. Only preview one line per song section
        2. Autoplay videos in live panel
        3. Advance schedule on live display
        4. Overflow current song into next song
        5. Copy song to schedule by default
        6. Clear item from live view on removal from schedule
        7. Embed media in schedule file
    3. Text Options
      1. Capitalise on each line
      2. Use uniform font size
      3. Maximum font size
      4. Additional line spacing
      5. Maximum characters per line
  2. Display tab
  3. Stage View tab
  4. Notices tab
  5. Presentations tab
  6. Bible tab
    1. Default bible and add a bible
    2. Layout of bible passages
  7. Server Settings tab
  8. Recordings tab
    1. Path for recordings
    2. Automatically convert recordings to MP3 files (requires VLC)
  9. Advanced settings
    1. VLCARG
    2. Fade in/out adjustments
    3. Margins
    4. Automatically extend projection window to a recently plugged in device
    5. Adjust fade transition speed

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